Helping Hands

HELPING HANDS is a photo-essay on the relationships between caregivers and their recipients.

While the city of Kolkata has been the subject of many art-projects and exhibitions, photographic accounts of the city’s approach towards the people who have been rejected by our society are few and far in between.

With this project we hope to take the photographic medium on to a more social plane where the idea of an image ceases to exist only in its profitability and instead acts as an agent of social betterment, protracted as it may be.

Our city refuses to exemplify genuine selfless acts of guidance towards the socially vulnerable. While acknowledging the immense scope of the project, our attempt is to showcase the on-going work only in the institutions below.


Saroj Nalini Dutt Memorial Association (SNDMA)


Asylums/Mental health institutions

Correction-homes (Prison)

Old-age homes


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