About us

Inspired by our shared respect towards the art of photography, we have partnered together to create UnitedLens. It is a partnership, created strictly to further the reach of photography as an agent of social change. Under the UnitedLens banner we will be working on photo-essays, photographic documentaries etc. This site will be a repository of our work as we progress. We will share our stories and pictures and will be delighted if you, in turn, share your thoughts, suggestions, ideas with us.

Check the updates section for information on our latest projects, issues we are trying to address, problems we are facing and other topics of related interest.

Who we are

Anikendra has completed his undergraduate and post-graduate studies in Economics in England from The University of Warwick.  He has a strong back-ground in photography and has held exhibitions at The Warwick Arts Centre (UK), The ITC Sonar and Indian Institute of Cultural Relations (ICCR) on his interpretations of modern-day solitude. His photographs are currently being exhibited in various locations across the UK and have received critical reviews in leading dailies such as The Statesman, The Telegraph, Times of India, and Bengal Post. His work has also been published in The World Bank’s CGAP Annual Report.

Ritwik has completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Politics & International Relations from Jadavpur University, India and Middlesex University, UK respectively. He has an advanced interest in the visual arts and is currently completing his first short-film on parental loss and motivation. He divides his time between photography, writing screenplays, recording music, playing chess and spending hours on the internet. All his works are yet to be published or screened or exhibited. His inspirations include a few movie greats, a couple of chess masters, quite a few music legends, a number of polymaths and a long list of geniuses.